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Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario

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How to make the most of your visits to selected Residential Homes

The next stage is to call or email to book a limited number of tours. If you have done the online work from the comfort of your home, then there will be less running around place to place and less confusion fostered by over-touring. The “Rule of Three” is best. Marketers know to offer people three choices because it gives the greatest sense of respectful choice and does not overwhelm one into analysis paralysis.

Relationships are important

When you visit a seniors' facility, talk with the current residents.

  • Do they seem friendly, content, engaged?
  • Are they welcoming?

Beware the marketing person’s personality. They are in marketing for a reason. Realistically, most of your relationship time will be spent with fellow residents and the healthcare staff. Seek them out and ask questions about their happiness, their opinions about the service, food and atmosphere, their reasons for moving and satisfaction.

Cleanliness is important

When you visit a seniors' facility how does it look and smell?

Most of all, healthcare is important

  • Ask about the staff-to-resident ratio on all shifts.
  • What are the staff minimum and maximum numbers?
  • How many residents?
  • Is ‘assisted living’ available or does a person have to move again when their health declines?
  • Is a doctor dedicated to the facility?
  • Are medicines distributed or is there an extra charge for that service?

To help you organize your visits, we've prepared a handy checklist of questions.  There are several things you should ask before you decide to arrange a visit, especially regarding the rates. Please download and print our "Finding the Right Retirement Home" document at the end of this article.

Take a copy along to each of your visits.  It will remind you what questions to ask and help you to keep the answers together to make comparing two different homes easier when you get back home.

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