Health & Wellness at Cardinal Place Seniors Home
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Retirement Home - Windsor
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Health & Wellness at Cardinal Place Seniors Home

Health and Wellness

At Cardinal Place everyone gets a Personalized Plan of Care regardless of Smart Independent Living or Smart Assisted Living because that is just…smart.

Cardinal Place Care Team Coordinator

Your Health & Wellness needs

Before your come to Cardinal Place, our Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse will assess your health and wellness needs in order to make sure we have the resources to care for you well. Of course, we will be honest and up front with you if your needs are beyond our resources.

This picture shows Mayor Dilkens with our Care Team Coordinator, Ursula.

Seniors fitness and mobility class at Cardinal Place

Individual Wellness Plan

For everyone in our care, the individual plan includes wellness checks like weight, blood pressure and most importantly, any changes you are experiencing or we are observing.

We have earned the trust of the Local Health Integration Network and when we recommend someone to government-assisted Long Term Care, they know our recommendation is sound.

Computerized medicine system

Professional Medical Management

One major benefit of Cardinal Place Smart Independent Living is the free inclusion of professional medical management and distribution.

The computerized medicine system is seamless from the doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy to our nurse’s medicine cart to you. Identification and condition checks and balances are integrated for your safety.

Moreover, a Registered Practical Nurse is seeing you and your symptoms every day or several times a day when medicines are distributed.

nurses' medical cart

Convenience & Simplicity

Conveniently, medicine is brought to you either at your room or before you enter the dining room.

When you are going out for a visit, simply ask the Duty Nurse for your medicines. A convenient package is sent with you and a responsible person. That way you don’t have to miss your medicine, nor do you have to rush back at a certain time because of it.

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