Senior Apartments Windsor. Cost? Check Rates Here
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Retirement Home - Windsor
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3140 Peter St, Windsor, Ontario, N9C 1H3

Senior Apartments Windsor. Cost? Check Rates Here

Cardinal Place Suites

Feel at home

All our suites are designed to offer you a place that feels like home.  Here is where you can relax and have some quiet, private time.  But if you should need some assistance, there is an emergency alert system that will summon help 24 hours a day.

We offer 4 types of accommodation:

  • Split Suite
  • Private Suite
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Full Suite

All our suites include:

  • Individual thermostat controlled heating and cooling
  • LED television with over-the-air digital signal
  • Telephone and N. American long distance included free
  • Free WIFI internet
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Complimentary clothes washer and drier on each floor
  • Electricity, water, sewer

Cardinal Place RATES

YES IT'S TRUE! All our room rates INCLUDE all the services of Smart Independent Living


  • Private bedroom
  • 165 sq. ft. + closet
  • Ensuite shared 4-piece shared bathroom
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  • Same as Split Suite PLUS:
  • 165 sq. ft. + closet
    + bathroom
  • Ensuite 4-piece bathroom EXCLUSIVE to you
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  • Same as Private Suite PLUS:
  • 195 sq. ft. + closet
  • Larger
    living space
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  • Same as Deluxe PLUS:
  • 275 sq.ft. + 2 closets
  • Divided into separate bedroom and sitting room
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Why do we publish our rates? RESPECT

We are in charge of our budget. You are in charge of yours. 

We are responsible for constantly improving our services, keeping our quality of care high and passing on the best rates to you.

Some retirement homes are interested in your finances and charge different rates depending upon your ability to pay.  This is why they are not able to publish their rates.  Without pressure or games, here are our rates - the same for all our members.

Now you know what you can afford. You tell us what type of Suite you want.

By the way, we don’t know what the future will bring but we can proudly say that we have had only one rate increase in 6 years and that was due to the extraordinary costs of keeping Cardinal Place free of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your safety and wellbeing always come first.

Split Suite

Best value for money

Our Split Suites give you a private bedroom space of 130 square feet plus closet.  You have an ensuite bathroom shared with one other Split Suite.

All our suites include all the services of Smart Independent Living.  So you have an all-inclusive private room for less than the price of a shared room at comparable facilities.

Floor Plan

Floor plan: Split suite

Private Suite

Includes private bathroom

Our Private Suites give you the same living space as a Split Suite plus you have your own exclusive ensuite bathroom.

The bathroom comprises a shower, toilet, wash basin and bathroom cabinet.

You total private living space is 165 square feet.

Floor Plans

Floor plan: Private suite with tub Floor plan: Private room with shower

Deluxe Suite

Larger Living Space

With our Deluxe Suites, you have an exclusive ensuite bathroom as with our Private Rooms, plus you have a larger living space.

Your total private living space is 195 square feet.


Floor Plans

Floor plan: Deluxe room with shower Floor plan: Deluxe room with tub

Full Suite

Separate Bedroom & Sitting Room

Our Full Suites have a separate sitting room and bedroom connected by a 4-piece bathroom.

The bathroom comprises a full bath and shower, toilet, wash basin and bathroom cabinet.

The bedroom and sitting room are both 130 square feet and the bathroom is 15 square feet giving a total private living space of 275 square feet.

Floor Plan

Floor plan: Full suite

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