What if my needs change? - Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario
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Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario

What if my needs change?
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What if my needs change?

How can I plan for the future if my needs change over time?

When shopping for a Retirement Home, keep in mind that your health will likely be changing.

Does the Retirement Home offer “assisted living”?

If the Retirement Home only offers “independent living” then you may be faced with moving when your health declines. That is unfair. You may be challenged already with not feeling well and afraid of the future. To add to this burden the challenge of leaving your newly established community life, friends, familiar surroundings and find a new place to move into, a steep learning curve of new people, place and routines is hugely unfair.

Some Retirement Homes offer extra services that help you age in place. Be prepared. The government does not cover all extra care costs. Leave some room in your budget to expand into more paid care without having to move.

Many Retirement Homes carry this principle to its logical outcome: death. Yes, palliative care, compassionate care that addresses pain control and enhances comfort and clarity, is available in many Retirement Homes.

We are fortunate in Windsor and Essex County to have the excellent care and leadership of Hospice of Windsor. Now the government can provide specialized Personal Support Workers to help individuals pass in their home, including in their own room in a Retirement Home.

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