Budget - Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario
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Retirement Home - Windsor
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Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario

Cardinal Place


Don't waste time researching places you cannot realistically afford

Next you will want to check out your budget.

Why shop at a place that is impossible to afford? And why consider a place that tries to push you beyond your resources?

Unfortunately, a common game in the Retirement Home field is to insist you book and take a tour first, before they show you the prices. This allows them to assess you and offer prices based on their perception of your ability to pay.  Sadly, people often leave with a feeling of diminishment and embarrassment about their financial situation after decades of work and saving.

As far as we are aware, only Cardinal Place posts rates online.

Respect starts with the budget. You are in charge of your finances. Cardinal Place is in charge of their budget and offering you their most competitive rate for the product they are offering.

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