When is the Right Time? - Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario
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Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario

When is the Right Time?
Cardinal Place

When is the Right Time?

How will you know when the time is right to make the move?

Are you intimidated and overwhelmed with the idea of a change to a different place to live?
Or, do you already have your bags packed and you are eager to unburden and simplify your household responsibilities?
Are you ready to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle?

You will know when the move is right for you. You may feel excited or you may feel resistant and full of fear. However, you will know when it makes sense for you.

Provincial and Federal governments know there is a large increase in retirees happening. Therefore, a lot of money is being spent in ‘home care’ and other initiatives to help you keep safe and well in your home longer. However, there comes a time when that is no longer the best thing for you.

Some people realize they are tired of the house maintenance and look forward to a kind of home where most things are looked after. If they have a gardening hobby, for example, it is nice to have the option to enjoy someone else’s work or to play with gardening without taking on the total responsibility of it.

Other people realized begrudgingly that what has been a safe home is no longer a safe place to be. It starts to feel like someplace else is safer emotionally, mentally, socially and/or physically.

Still other people are visited by a life-altering event. This can be the death of a love one or the advent of a health crisis. It can feel stunning at the time. In the midst of the crisis a clarity of thought comes through in which you know a major change is best.

You have likely had lots of experience planning for the future. Part of that future includes the intent to not be a burden to love ones. Sometimes, it is a loving decision to enter an upgraded level of care so that the people looking after you no longer need to worry. Caregiver burnout is a reality. Often, as a caregiver recovers the relationship can be renewed and enjoyed without undue stress and tension. This often-repeated situation demands a great deal of surrender to reality on the part of the person who is ill. The human cost of worry cannot be underestimated. Low grade anxiety of anticipating the next urgent rush to your aid can wear down formerly strong individuals. Human relationships can be unfairly damaged by demanding too much of one or a few people. Making a plan that brings aboard a caring team at a retirement home can help relieve family members of undue worry about you.

In all of these circumstances, Cardinal Place has the resources to respectfully help you make the best choice for you even though it may not be a choice to move to Cardinal Place.

Your best interests are our priority.

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