Location - Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario
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Retirement Home - Windsor
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Understanding Retirement Options in Ontario

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What's the best location for my Retirement Home?

Like a business, the first three rules of the ‘right place’ is ‘location, location, location’.

In order to stay plugged in with any supportive community you need to locate where it will be convenient for your relatives or friends to visit. Practically, a rare long drive with a long visit will happen less and less.

Alternatively, a regular short drive and short regular visits will maintain healthy connections. Therefore, realistically, it is better to locate near supportive family and friends or along their commute to and from work. Friends in a similar season of life will soon be in the same boat, perhaps the same seniors' residence.

You can perform a search for a relevant phrase like "retirement home windsor" with Google Maps. This may help narrow down the search when you can see the physical location of residences and their distance from your support network. From this page, you can click on any website that interests you. Nowadays, these websites will often have interior pictures or virtual tours and amenity and services lists.

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