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Planning for Smart Retirement Living
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Planning for Smart Retirement Living

Plan early before difficulties arise and benefit from a wider range of choices.

As you approach retirement age, it's essential to explore your retirement living options. Making this decision proactively, before facing a crisis, allows you to have a broader range of choices and adjust comfortably to your new lifestyle.

Consider Retirement Options Early:

Waiting until difficulties arise with daily activities limits your choices. It's wise to start exploring retirement living options as early as age 75, even though the average retirement home resident is 85 years old.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

To determine if retirement living is right for you, ask yourself some key questions:

  • Do I desire easier access to social activities and a community of peers?
  • Am I feeling lonely or isolated living alone?
  • Are daily tasks like meal preparation and housework becoming burdensome?
  • Do I struggle to maintain my home?
  • Do I worry about being alone if I fall or become ill?

Taking the Time to Make the Best Choice:

Making the decision to move to a retirement home requires time, research, and preparation. Learn more about retirement living and how it differs from other senior housing options. Consider the lifestyle you want and the type of community you'd like to live in.

Finding the Right Retirement Home:

Contact them to inquire about the services, amenities, and activities they offer. Schedule a tour and bring along a friend or family member to ask questions and experience the community firsthand. Talking to residents and staff can provide valuable insights.

Initiating the Discussion with Your Relative:

If you notice your relative is experiencing loneliness, struggling to maintain their home, or facing safety concerns, it may be time to discuss retirement living options with them. Approach the subject gradually and highlight the positive aspects of retirement living, such as maintenance-free living, 24/7 emergency assistance, and vibrant social and recreational programming.

Addressing Concerns:

Retirement Homes are not nursing homes, per se. A nurse and PSW is available 24/7 at Cardinal Place for everyone's safety and good health. You'll be among peers who may share health or aging challenges, but who also share perspectives, history, experiences, recreation and interests.

Taking Action:

Initiate a discussion with your relative about their wants and needs. Research retirement homes that cater to their preferences. Arrange site visits to several different retirement homes to help alleviate their fears and make informed decisions about their future home. Planning ahead for retirement living empowers you and your loved ones to make the best possible decision for your future. Start the process early, consider your options, and have open, supportive discussions with your family members to ensure a smooth transition to this exciting new phase of life.

We invite you to book a tour of Cardinal Place to answer any questions that you may have about our retirement community in Windsor, Ontario. Call 519-254-1112 today!

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