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Cardinal Place Retirement Home In the News

Vaccination in Windsor Ontario
Cardinal Place
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Vaccination in Windsor Ontario

Mike Cardinal, owner of Cardinal Place Retirement Home receives COVID19 vaccination

Our own Mike Cardinal was vaccinated against COVID19 today. He was the second person in Windsor to receive the vaccine. The event was captured on video by the Windsor Star.


Mike wanted to get the vaccine not only to help protect the residents of Cardinal Place, but also as an example to the staff.

"Protection of the elders, who we are given the care of, is paramount", he said.

Mike was also interviewed on Windor's Inside Pulse on Anchor FM.  He explained how he founded Cardinal Place 6 years ago and went on to describe how very different 2020 has been compared to previous years.

Zero COVID19 cases

Cardinal Place has not had a single case of COVID19 among its 65 residents and 40 staff. Mike explains how this was achieved through the tireless efforts and discipline of the staff. Mike also praises the families of Cardinal Place residents and how supportive they have been of all the measures that have been necessary to keep the virus out of Cardinal Place.

Mike also explains how keeping up morale and maintaining the mental health of his residents has also been a top priority. He explains how important it was to maintain a bubble wherein the residents could still enjoy their usual community lives and activities. A theatre system was recently installed to provide entertainment. More recently, it has also been used to show educational films regarding the COVID19 vaccine and the measures that have been taken to ensure its safety.

Mike was glad to participate in talking to the media to get the word out about the safety of the vaccine and the importance of people getting vaccinated.

As a final thought, Mike said, "This thing is extremely dangerous. The danger to Cardinal Place and other retirement homes and other long-term care home from community spread is much greater than in April, May or June".

You can hear the full interview here:

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