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How to make retirement home living affordable
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How to make retirement home living affordable

Retirement community living provides financial relief, predictable monthly expenses and potential tax credits.

Living at home in today's economy can be financially challenging, with inflation and escalating utility costs and food prices. However, making the transition to a retirement community like Cardinal Place not only provides financial relief but also comes with additional benefits, such as predictable monthly expenses and potential tax credits.

Cost Savings and Predictable Budgeting:

  • Living at home comes with various expenses, including property taxes, condo fees, and maintenance costs. Moving to Cardinal Place means leaving these financial burdens behind.
  • The most significant advantage is the predictability of monthly expenses, allowing for effortless budgeting. This stability provides our members with peace of mind, knowing exactly what to expect financially.

Tax Credits for Financial Relief:

  • As soon as you move to a retirement home you may qualify for beneficial tax credits. Ask your Doctor to fill out the T2201 form. Like the HST and Climate Change direct rebates from the government of Canada, you will likely qualify for some funding. Deductible medical expenses can lead to reimbursements ranging from 25 to 30 percent of healthcare costs, providing a tangible financial benefit to residents.

Accommodation Options at Cardinal Place:

  • Cardinal Place distinguishes itself by offering four types of accommodations. The Split Suite option, with a private 165-square-foot bedroom and shared ensuite bathroom, stands out as the best value for money.
  • Compared to other retirement communities in Windsor Essex, Cardinal Place boasts the lowest rates, ensuring our members receive exceptional value without compromising on comfort and quality care.

Smart Independent Living Services:

  • All Cardinal Place suites include the comprehensive services of Smart Independent Living. This means residents enjoy an all-inclusive PRIVATE ROOM for a cost that is lower than that of shared rooms in similar facilities.
  • The commitment to Smart Independent Living reflects Cardinal Place's dedication to providing a holistic and enriching retirement experience. All meals, activities and WiFi are included in our price.

In conclusion, Cardinal Place offers a financially savvy and enriching retirement living experience. From predictable monthly expenses to potential tax credits that alleviate financial burdens, residents can enjoy their retirement without compromising on comfort or quality. The array of accommodation options, including the value-packed Split Suite, makes Cardinal Place a standout choice in Windsor Essex. 
Call 519-254-1112 to book a private tour today to embark on your journey to SMART Retirement Living at Cardinal Place.


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